Public data about the COVID-19-situation in Norway


The current state of publicly available data about the COVID-19-situtation in Norway is a mix of PDF-reports, Excel-files, Power BI-dashboards and public registries. Further, much of the data is only released as cumulative statistics at aggregated levels (e.g. MSIS). The absence of detailed data has created a market for media outlets to release local “situation reports” behind paywalls (see: Aftenposten). This project is a an open-source effort to make data about the Covid-19 situtation in Norway available to the public in a timely and coherent manner. Data is updated daily from official sources such as The Institute of Public Health and Norwegian Directorate of Health.

Contributing to the project

This project is a collaborative and voluntary effort. There are many ways to contribute, both as an individual and as an organization. Read the contribute section and visit the github-repository if you are interested.

Examples: Use of data

The Case Dashboard and Case Map illustrates how the data can potentially be used. The dashboard shows current Covid-19 Cases in Norway at municipality and district-level reported to the Norwegian Surveillance System for Communicable Diseases (MSIS) with fully available source code.

Available data

Name Source Updated Download Preview
Infected MSIS 2023-02-27 csv xlsx
Admissions Directorate of Health 2023-02-27 csv xlsx
In respirator Directorate of Health 2023-02-27 csv xlsx
Covid tests FHI 2023-02-27 csv xlsx
Covid deaths FHI 2023-02-27 csv xlsx
Apple Mobility Apple 2023-02-27 csv xlsx
Google Mobility Google 2023-02-27 csv xlsx
Business Compensation Scheme Tax Administration 2023-02-27 csv xlsx
Unemployment benefits NAV 2023-02-27 csv xlsx
Wage Compensation NAV 2023-02-27 csv xlsx

For further information about the data sources, see this section.

Supporting data

Name Download Preview
Lookup tables
Municipalities csv xlsx
Municipalities and districts csv xlsx
MSIS regions csv xlsx
Standard Industrial Classification csv xlsx
Municipalities geojson
Municipalities and districts geojson
MSIS regions geojson